Can Playstation VR be used to watch 360 photos and videos?

The Playstation VR isn’t only for games.  Here’s what the Playstation VR can show in terms of non-game entertainment:

UPDATE: Media Player support for 360 photos and videos!

1.  There will be some non-game VR experiences, such as Baobab Studios’ Invasion! and Penrose Studios’ Allumette.  These are true VR experiences (not just 360 videos) where you will be able to have 6 degrees of freedom (including x, y, and z movement).

2.  In addition to non-game VR experiences, there will be some VR entertainment apps, including Within (formerly Vrse), Littlstar, and Vrideo.  No word on Jaunt yet.  Within, Littlstar and Vrideo all show 360 videos, and you can upload your own videos to Littlstar and Vrideo.  LittlStar and Vrideo have 3D 360 videos, although Sony hasn’t said if PSVR will support 3D 360.  Littlstar also has 360 photos, but Sony hasn’t confirmed whether PSVR will support 360 photos in Littlstar.

Hulu will be another available app.  Hulu has 360 content and it appears the PSVR will support 360 videos in Hulu.

3.  The Playstation VR has a Cinematic Mode where you can watch 2D content on a giant virtual screen (similar to how you can watch Netflix on a virtual theater on the Samsung Gear VR).  You can also use Cinematic Mode to play 2D games on the virtual screen, except for games that use the Playstation camera.

– Cinematic Mode cannot display videos in 3D.  3D games and videos will be shown as 2D.
– Although Sony has said that you can watch YouTube in Cinematic Mode, i.e., 2D on a virtual screen, Sony hasn’t said that it will support 360 videos in YouTube.
– Sony also hasn’t said that you can view 360 photos and videos stored on a USB thumbdrive.  Note that Sony has no 360 camera of its own, therefore is probably not in a hurry to add this capability.

UPDATE: Sony announced that they will be updating Media Player to add support for 360 photos and videos which can be viewed from a USB drive or media server!

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