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Can the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere swim? Waterproofing test by Life in 360

Ben Claremont (Life in 360) wasn’t sure whether the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere (reviewed here) was waterproof or just water resistant.  So he took his camera underwater.  (Don’t try this at home!)

Here’s the video from the Xiaomi, with no external housing or cover…  will it survive?

So, the answer is, the Xiaomi is NOT waterproof.   It is merely water resistant.   And don’t worry about Ben.  He still has two more units.  Actually, I also took mine underwater, but I used a waterproof pouch for it.  Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it:

BTW the English version of the Xiaomi Mi Sphere is currently on sale at GearBest for under $247 (similar to the price of the domestic version).

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  • +Mic Ty Ben took it down to 3m (=9,9f) for 7 minutes…The Xiaomi is IP67 wich mean down to max 1m (3,3f)…
    So…he’s a daredevil and I give him all thumbs up because I like the try – but it was sentenced to failure from the beginning 🙂

  • He should try fire resistance next time, for learning purpose of course.
    Cuz if nobody tried it how I would know?
    We need so much those stupid tests to improve our knowledge (sarcastic inside)

  • With the most recent update the app doesn’t take screenshots properly anymore. It excessively crops them now instead of reproducing exactly what’s on the screen like before.

  • Is anyone aware of a waterproof case for the Mi Sphere and where to buy it? And I mean a proper hard plastic diving case, not one of those plastic “bags” for phones etc.

    Thank you!