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Capture Ricoh Theta Dual Fisheye photos wirelessly with Wifi Remote Control – now available!

You can now capture Dual Fisheye photos with the Ricoh Theta V (reviewed here) and Ricoh Theta Z1 (reviewed here) wirelessly with the new WiFi Remote Control.

Ricoh Theta V and Ricoh Theta Z1 are two of the most popular 360 cameras for photography.  To use them to their full potential, you’ll need Yoichi Hirota’s Dual Fisheye plugin, which unlocks bracketed shooting and other features for maximum image quality.

In, this video, award-winning 360 photographer Yuqing Guo will show you 3 Ways to Control THETA DualFisheye Plugin:

– On-camera buttons. This method is totally free but is limited.
– Cable Switch with USB cable.
DualFisheye Wifi Remote Control app.  This is the fastest and most convenient way to take photos with the Dual Fisheye plugin.

Here is the video tutorial from Yuqing Guo on his YouTube channel (I highly recommend subscribing if you haven’t yet):

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