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Capture Ricoh Theta Dual Fisheye photos wirelessly with Wifi Remote Control – now available!

You can now capture Dual Fisheye photos with the Ricoh Theta V (reviewed here) and Ricoh Theta Z1 (reviewed here) wirelessly with the new WiFi Remote Control.

Ricoh Theta V and Ricoh Theta Z1 are two of the most popular 360 cameras for photography.  To use them to their full potential, you’ll need Yoichi Hirota’s Dual Fisheye plugin, which unlocks bracketed shooting and other features for maximum image quality.

In, this video, award-winning 360 photographer Yuqing Guo will show you 3 Ways to Control THETA DualFisheye Plugin:

– On-camera buttons. This method is totally free but is limited.
– Cable Switch with USB cable.
DualFisheye Wifi Remote Control app.  This is the fastest and most convenient way to take photos with the Dual Fisheye plugin.

Here is the video tutorial from Yuqing Guo on his YouTube channel (I highly recommend subscribing if you haven’t yet):

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    • Hey there David. Yoichi has shown an iOS version that appears to be almost close to working.

      • Any update on the IOS version being released?
        Fed up with button pushing and runnung to hide 🙂

        • Sorry, Apple rejected the app, supposedly for “copyright infringement” even though Ricoh itself supports the app. So the dev called it quits and is focusing solely on Android going forward.

          • Hi there, can it still be downloaded onto a MacBook Pro to be loaded onto the Theta Z1? And if so, then I’d just manually control the camera by pressing its button and then run around a corner before the photo is taken?
            I’m very new to this, and have an Apple phone/laptop, so I’ve been disappointed to hear this plugin that everyone loves is not available.

          • Hi Stephen. You’re right. You cannot use the Dual Fisheye app but you can load the Dual Fisheye plugin into Theta Z1 using the Ricoh Theta app.

          • Also, a follow-up question to my first one there…
            Has anyone here played with the Time Shift plugin?
            I hear that it’s nice to have one side of the Theta Z1 take a photo, and then we would step around to the other side of the camera and repeat the process, so as to avoid running and hiding to get out of each photo.
            But now we’re dealing with two photos, from what would have been taken in one shot. I like the idea of not having to walk away from the camera for every shot.
            Is this preferable at all?

          • Hi Stephen. Yes Time Shift works as advertised. The camera will merge both shots into a single shot.