CES 2017: IdealoEye introduces three 360 cameras and two VR headsets

IdealoEye presented three 360 cameras and two VR headsets at CES 2017.


The C2 is Idealoeye’s entry-level 360 camera with two lenses, with a new design that looks strikingly different from any other 360 camera (in fact, I initially thought it was just a non-360 camera), and a mode dial on the side.  It can record fully spherical 360 video at 4096 x 2048 @ 30fps, slightly higher than most other consumer 360 cameras (which are usually 3840 x 1920).  The C2 can also livestream in 360 at 4k via RTMP, with 30mbps bitrate.

One unusual feature is that it is equipped with a fan for dissipating heat.  I believe the unusual design actually functions as a radiator that further assists heat management.  Idealoeye claims that it can operate for 1.5 hours.

The C2 also has two (?) 3.5mm stereo microphone input jacks.  Having even one mic input jack is a rare feature in consumer 360 cameras.  I don’t know if it mixes the audio from two microphones or what.


The C4 is IdealoEye’s middle-tier camera with four lenses.  It looks somewhat like the Z Cam S1 and Detu F4.  It is fully spherical, with a video resolution of 6k @ 30fps.  Like the C2, it is also capable of 360 livestreaming in 4k x 2k, but at a higher bitrate of up to 80 mbps.

When I inquired about pricing and availability, the rep said it’s not yet available because they’re still testing it.


The P21 is Idealoeye’s flagship model with broadcast-quality video.  It features 21 lenses.  Its video resolution is 8k (7680 x 3840).  It’s not clear whether it is capable of 3D.  The website claims that it can do 3D (I don’t know at what resolution) but the brochure makes no mention of a 3D capability.  I’m also trying to confirm the frame rate (the brochure I received said the framerate is up to 60fps, while the website says it’s 30fps).

Like the C2 and C4, the P21 is capable of 360 livestreaming at 3840 x 1920 @ 30fps, but at a bitrate of up to 120 mbps.

The representative at CES said the P21 costs $40,000.

Idealoeye also makes VR headsets through its affiliate Idealsee.  Idealsee has a standalone VR headset called the Idealens K2.

The K2 uses an external sensor as a tracking device.

Idealsee claims that the K2 is capable of as little as 17ms latency, and a 90 Hz refresh rate.  I was able to demo the K2.  It did have positional tracking.  However, it seemed that there was noticeable lag.  Idealens K2 will retail for $599.

Idealsee’s other VR headset is the M1000.  It features 8k resolution and a 180-degree FOV.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t available to try at CES.

Idealoeyes’ cameras look very interesting indeed, as is the Idealens M1000 headset.  I look forward to finding out more about their products.

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