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CES 2018: Bellus3D Face Camera Pro can create a 3D model of your face in 1 minute (updated)

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro scans faces in detailed 3D
Bellus3D Face Camera Pro scans faces in detailed 3D

One of the amazing exhibits I saw at CES 2018 was Bellus3D, a 3D scanner that could create a very detailed and accurate 3D model of a face in only a couple of minutes. Scanners like these have practical purposes such as for reconstructive surgeons but for the VR industry, they could help create very lifelike avatars and could be used for game development (VR or otherwise).  Here is a 360 photo of me in front of the final 3D scanned result (the 3D model itself is below):

What you see on the tablet is a very accurate scan of my face, and it was scanned in only about a minute or so. I just stood about 2 feet in front of the tablet and scanner, and moved my face until it fit within a circle on the screen.  Then they asked me to turn my head slowly all the way to the left, and then all the way to the right, and that was it. After less than a minute of processing, they showed this 3D model (!) Here is a video showing the scanning process:

According to Bellus3D reps, the scanner has sub-milimeter depth accuracy at the scanning distance. The output is a 3D face model in OBJ with MTL. There will also be a color texture map in JPG and 3D face landmarks in OBJ and YML. A high definition face model is about 24MB in file size with 250,000 triangles and 4K color texture map. Here is a sketchfab of the scanned 3D model

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro is available for preorder for $499. The cost is for the camera only. It does not include the tablet. Face Camera Pro has been tested with Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, Huawei Honor 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and Huawei MediaPad M3), Windows tablets (Surface Pro), and Windows PCs.

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