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CES 2018 is going to be very exciting for 360 cameras

CES 2018
CES 2018

The news is starting to flow in for CES 2018 and although I can’t say anything due to embargoes, I can say that it will be very exciting and there will be major announcements for 360 cameras from companies both old and new!

2017 was an amazing year for 360 cameras — we saw the release of several 360 cameras that truly altered the industry, including the first 360 cameras with image stabilization and the first consumer 360 cameras with 5.7K resolution.  I thought that with the rapid advancements in 2017, that perhaps the industry would plateau in 2018.  But from what I’m seeing so far, the 360 camera industry is not slowing down at all.   2018 seems like it will be at least as exciting as 2017!

I will be at CES on Jan 7 and 8, gathering news for you.  I’m sure you don’t to miss anything and the good news is that you can automatically get emails of articles as I post them. Just subscribe — it’s free!

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  • I have a Ricoh Theta S that’s feeling a bit dated (particularly the video) and I was considering getting the Xiaomi 360 camera along with the stick for it, would you say wait to see what next year has in store? Are the new cameras likely to be significantly better?