Clone wars: here’s another Ricoh Theta clone

The Ricoh Theta (~$300 street; reviewed here) is the most popular 360 camera by a huge margin.  It has an excellent, — arguably ideal — form factor.  It is slim, thus minimizing parallax stitching errors, and its stick-like shape also serves as a natural, comfortable handle for the Theta.

It’s no surprise that the Theta’s design is being copied by low-cost 360 cameras.  Here’s one of those clones.

Here are the key specifications:
– two 210 degree fisheye lenses
– f/2.4 aperture
– fully spherical field of view
– Photo resolution: up to 3008×1504
– Video resolution: up to 1920×960 30fps
– uses a Micro SD card up to 128GB

This camera claims to have 8mp sensor.  Actually it uses the OV4689, which is a 4-mp sensor.  Therefore actually it is 4mp + 4mp, not 8mp +8mp.

The manufacturer claims that it can also record at 4k 24fps although I highly doubt that.  I also doubt the 1.5 hour recording time.

I don’t know the retail price or availability, but the wholesale price is under $100.

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