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Hi! Thanks for contacting me.  Here are the best ways to contact me:

1. If it’s related to one of my videos on youtube, please post the question as a comment on the video.

2. If it’s related to one of my articles or posts, please post the question as a comment on the article.

3. If it’s a technical question, please post on the Facebook 360 Cameras group or one of my subgroups such as the MiSphere group.

4.  If you have a problem with a camera that you bought: if you bought through my Gearbest affiliate link, please use the form below, and in the subject line write GEARBEST CUSTOMER ISSUE.  And in your email, specify the email address you used for Gearbest, and the order number.  Then describe the problem.  If you bought from Gearbest but not through my link, my representative has no way to access your order and I can’t help you.

5. If you want to try to contact me by email, FYI I get tons of email and spam, so please be very clear in your subject line or I might not even see your email.  Remember: if it is a technical question, I won’t have time to answer it (see #3 above).