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Content-aware fill for 360 videos: how Adobe’s Cloak could work for 360 videos too

Project Cloak content aware fill can happen to 360 videos too
Project Cloak content aware fill can happen to 360 videos too

Adobe showed off a demo of a technology that they call Cloak, which is like content-aware fill for video.  There was no mention of the technology being available for 360 videos but it’s definitely possible.  Here’s how.

First here’s a video of Adobe Cloak:

The technology is amazing and I’m pretty sure it will find its way into After Effects and/or Premiere CC.

For us 360 shooters, the question is, will it be possible for 360 videos as well? That would be really awesome because among other things it would be child’s play to erase a gimbal, dolly, tripod, or yourself from a 360 video.

At first glance, that seems like a tall order because equirectangular 360 videos are warped, adding an additional layer of complexity. But if the equirectangular video is converted into a cube map projection, then it starts to look very possible to use Adobe Cloak as well:

cube map projection with Skybox Converter
cube map projection with Skybox Converter

So even if Adobe doesn’t make Cloak automatically applicable to 360 videos, it would be pretty simple if you convert equirectangular video to a cube map projection. And by the way, Mettle Skybox Converter plugin can do that and it happens to be included with After Effects CC. How convenient!

So, yes I hate Adobe’s subscription model too but man, they have the 360 market cornered and their grip is only tightening like a python, those bastards… lol.   Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro are each $19.99 per month by themselves or $49.99 per month for all the software in Creative Cloud. But if you or your child are a student or teacher, you can get a CC subscription with the Education price, $19.99 per month (click on Students and Teachers) for all the programs in Creative Cloud.

Thank you very much to tech vlogger Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!

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  • Hopefully competitors will adopt the same technology. While I’m sure bigger media producers will be able to afford the subscription models, the smaller content creators such as myself will avoid their products.

    • Hi Martin. I would love to see a realistic alternative. Unfortunately Adobe has Boardwalk, Park Place, Pacific, North Carolina, Pennsylvania…

      Best regards,