Insta360 One R 360 Rumors

Stitch 2D videos into 3D 360 video with StereoStitch

Earlier this year at NAB2016, StereoStitch announced their realtime 3D 360 stitching software.  A demo is now available and they’ve also announced pricing.
StereoStitch is a software that can stitch mono or stereo (3D) 360 videos from one or more cameras, with multiple configurations supported.  Our correspondent in Germany, Sven Neuhaus, visited their booth at Photokina and found it quite convincing:  “They were generating stereo  (!) 360° footage live from 4 Kodak SP360 4K cameras.”


Now you can try out the software for yourself.  You’ll need to download the trial software here (available for both Windows and Mac). You can then try out the sample files here.
StereoStitch also announced their pricing:
  • Mono stitching of 2 cameras (back to back): $300
  • Mono stitching of any cameras: $450
  • Stereo 3D stitching: $600.
Meanwhile, if you are interested in a 3D 360 video, also check out Vuze Camera, the first affordable fully spherical 3D 360 4k camera for consumers.