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Create 360-degree videos of your Tiltbrush paintings

Tiltbrush, Google’s VR painting app for the HTC Vive, has been updated to allow you to create 360-degree videos of your creations.

With version 8 of Tiltbrush, you can now make 360 videos of your light paintings, and even overlay it with greenscreen video to create 360 mixed reality videos.

Here is a sample video:

There are a few VR apps that allow you to create in-game videos but Tiltbrush is one of the first, if not the first, to enable the user to do this as a 360 video.  Using a 360 video to capture footage of VR games and apps gives the viewer an immersive view of the game, and in the case of VR, provides a perspective that is one step closer to the experience of playing the VR game.

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