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How to create an 360 video virtual tour with hotspots for FREE

Learn how to create a 360 video virtual tour with hotspots for free!
Learn how to create a 360 video virtual tour with hotspots for free!

You can create a fully interactive 360 video virtual tour for real estate or education, or to create an interactive story – no programming required! Here’s how.

Veer just launched a new feature enabling you to create 360 videos with hotspots.  This opens a new way for creating fully interactive 360 videos.  Although there are some virtual tour software that can add hotspots to 360 videos, Veer is the first to create a completely web-based interface with free hosting.

A 360 video tour with hotspots has many possible applications, such as:
– a fully interactive 360 video virtual tour for real estate
– a 360 video virtual tour for construction showing how the project evolves over time, or to compare before and after photos and videos
– an educational virtual field trip for students, especially because it is free
– a choose your own adventure type 360 video story with multiple endings
– and because the virtual tour can be edited after publishing, it can be used as a “living” virtual tour that changes over time, such as a 360 video vlog.

Here is a sample 360 video virtual tour:

Here is the tutorial:

Try it out – it’s totally free forever for all the features shown in the tutorial:
If you don’t have a 360 camera yet, you can practice with these sample files: (for personal use only).

The feature is very new so there are bugs here and there. I also found that the compression is quite aggressive and results in noticeable loss of image quality, especially for videos.  Also, occasionally, the video virtual won’t play until you click on the timeline, or sometimes, it won’t play smoothly.

Notwithstanding the bugs, this is a very impactful “new” medium for the 360 industry.  Hopefully, we’ll see more 360 video virtual tour platforms!

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    • Cupix was free but they changed and started charging. Veer says they will remain free forever. Of course I can’t guarantee that. I’m just telling you what they said.

      • Hello.Really interested in the Veer editor, do you know if it’s still supported? Their helpline seems to be shutdown and I am having some problems. I have installed the app onto my S10 ok and imported a 360 video which runs fine. When I try to add a hotspot or add text, it just comes up with “error”. Dave.

        • Hi David. No the editor is no longer supported. But stay tuned. I hope to have news about this in a few months. Another option is to use 3D Vista, which can add hotspots to 360 videos and use them for a virtual tour.

          • Hello Mic, thank you for the info. When you say news about this, is this possibly Veer or a similar program? Veer would have been ideal as all the editing could have been done without using a pc. Look forward to your report. Dave.

    • Veer is free and supports both photos and videos. Roundme is only for photos but the display is higher quality and can accommodate gigapixel resolution photos. But it’s not free.

  • Hello, congratulations on your tutorials, I find them very useful. I have a question, I am a 3D ARTIST for architecture and I should create 3D interiors with 360 hotspots, I did it on VEER but it only makes me create one, what should I do to create more?
    I sent an email to the staff to upgrade my account but they didn’t reply.
    Waiting for your advice, I thank you in advance.

  • Great and exciting videos…thanks alot!
    I am working on a 3d virtual interactive musical tour through a city with rich musical history. Can Veer be used to go in and out of buildings and jump from street to street location as the viewer wants?
    How long can a video be? Is there a time limit?
    Please email me and we can correspond there.

  • Hi
    I like your videos, very instructive. I just created a Youtube Channel and was wondering if there is a way to add Hotspots in my 360° virtual tours videos in Youtube. Here are links to some of my virtual tours:

    • Hi Design Drawer. Sorry but it is not possible to add hotspots to a youtube 360 video. The only way to do that is through self-hosting, or using a service like Cloudpano.