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How to create an 8K timelapse video from Raw DNG photos with the Qoocam 8K and free software

If you want to create a high quality 8K timelapse video from Raw DNG photos, then check out this tutorial by award winning photographer Yuqing Guo (and check out his YouTube channel as well)!

Here is the tutorial:

Here is the table of contents with time codes:

00:57 Smooth Transition in LRTimelapse

02:09 Grading and LRTimelapse Deflicker

04:36 Export Image Sequence with Lr

05:08 Generate Single Fisheye Videos in Pr

06:01 Assembly unstitched video

06:38 Extract stitcher parameters from DNG

07:08 Stitch 8K video in QooCam Studio

08:29 Final Result with Reframe

08:49 Wrap Up

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