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How to create a virtual tour from shooting to sharing with Trisio (for Google Street View or Theasys)

How to create a virtual tour
How to create a virtual tour

Here are two tutorials on how to create a virtual tour, from shooting to editing to uploading the tour by professional virtual tour photographers Nic Watson and Al Bug.  The first tutorial by Nic uses a web-based virtual tour software called Theasys.  The second tutorial by Al is for creating a virtual tour on Google Street View.

Both tutorials use a 360 camera called Trisio Lite 2 ($399), which I found to be the best virtual tour camera under $700 as of April 2022.  However, you can also use a different 360 camera.

Creating a virtual tour with Theasys

Here’s a tutorial by Nic Watson for creating a virtual tour with Trisio and Theasys, a user-friendly web-based virtual tour software.

Cost: Theasys is free up to 5 panoramas.  Beyond that, it is $19.99 per month, billed annually.

Creating a virtual tour for Google Street View with GoThru

For commercial real estate, one of the best ways to create a virtual tour in my opinion is Google Street View because it has far more users than any other virtual tour website.  (Note: Street View does not allow virtual tours or 360 photos of the interior of residential real estate).

Uploading to Street View is free but it is tedious to create a virtual tour using the Street View mobile app.  Instead, you can use a third party app to create virtual tours for Street View.  One of the leading Street View moderator apps is GoThru.  Here is a tutorial for publishing a virtual tour on Google Street View with the GoThru mobile app. GoThru also has options to create virtual tours via a desktop app or through their website.

Cost: GoThru has monthy plans starting at $10, or you can use the pay-as-you-go plan which is $10 for each virtual tour upload to Street View.

How to stand out

As you can see, creating a virtual tour with a 360 camera like the Trisio is quite easy and anyone can do it.  If want to stand out with higher quality photos like the sample below, I recommend using a DSLR or mirrorless camera to create your virtual tours.  Here’s a tutorial.