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Create virtual tours and video tours with OpenFrame

How would you like to create both video tours and 360 virtual tours for real estate? OpenFrame lets you build a 360 virtual tour in realtime and can also automatically create a panoramic video tour.  You could think of it like overcapture for virtual tours.  Here are samples:

Here is a panoramic video tour:

Here is a 360 virtual tour:

How to use OpenFrame

OpenFrame is natively compatible with Giroptic iO, which was acquired by OpenFrame, but it is possible to use 360 photos in equirectangular format from almost any 360 camera. Here is a tutorial for creating virtual tours:

Here is a tutorial for creating panoramic video tours:

Here are more tips for using OpenFrame, on their YouTube channel.

Adding a video tour to Zillow

OpenFrame video tours can also be added to Zillow listings.  Just email the property address and the OpenFrame URL, and they will add it to the Zillow listing within 72 hours.

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  • Just for comparison, I’ve been using 3Dvista for a few months now, and have found it to be versatile enough not only for tours but for implementing 360 training videos. You can publish an LMS compatible version, it has a wide variety of info pop-up styles, incorporating regular video into 360 is fairly easy, you can also have pop-ups with links out to youtube 360 videos, and if you publish to a web-server you can incorporate hooks to play in a headset if you’re using firefox as your browser.