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CreatorUp compares Qoocam 8K with Insta360 Pro 2 and GoPro MAX

Qoocam 8K vs Insta360 Pro 2 and GoPro MAX
Qoocam 8K vs Insta360 Pro 2 and GoPro MAX

Here’s a comparison between the Qoocam 8K versus the Insta360 Pro 2 and GoPro MAX by CreatorUp’s Hugh Hou.

Here’s the comparison video:

Here is a zoomed-in view of each camera, side by side:

Qoocam 8K vs Insta360 Pro 2 and GoPro MAX
Qoocam 8K vs Insta360 Pro 2 and GoPro MAX

You can see that the Pro 2 has the most detail, although Qoocam 8k is coming surprisingly close for a camera that costs just 1/9th the cost of the Pro 2.  As for the Qoocam and Max, Qoocam has a bit more detail, as shown in the green rectangular area. This result is consistent with the results of my comparison as well, where I found Qoocam to have a more detail than Max or Insta360 One X.

In addition to looking at detail, Hugh also compared the stitching, color, and the ability to focus at close distances.

You can also compare the cameras side by side using the 360 Camera Comparison Tool, where I added Hugh’s video to the list (#143).  Just load the video on both the left and right side, and move the playhead to the segment for Qoocam 8k, insta360 pro 2, or GoPro Max.  To zoom in, maximize a window, use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom, then restore the size of the window.

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  • Thanks for keeping us up to date on the QooCam 8K news, Mic! It’s good news that Hugh has his production model, as it means the rest of us should be getting ours soon as well.

  • I received my Qoocam 8k camera and it is really nice. One problem, how do I get the footage into Adobe premiere without an iPhone or Android phone? Where are the apps for download? NOT ON THE DOWNLOAD PAGE.

    All I get in Premiere is a circular video of one of the lenses. It does not recognize the footage as 360.

    • Hi Rupert. Congrats! Download qoocam studio. See the qoocam 8k facebook group for the link to the app.

      Best regards,

      • I already did that:

        file is not produced by QooCam

        That is the message I get when importing a file from the camera.

        Also, judging by the footage I see on the cameras LED screen I can determine that the stabilization is perfect – when it is on a static tripod. If one is walking with the camera, there is no apparent stabilization whatsoever.

        Will a firmware fix this or is my camera defective?

        The menu swipes to close the menus hardly ever works resulting in me having to turn the camera off and back on to “exit” the menu.

        After shooting with the QooCam 8K, the next day I stuck with the Fusion.

        • Hi Rupert. You might be launching the wrong qoocam studio. They have very similar names. “Qoocam studio.exe” is the old one. “Qoocamstudio.exe” is the new one. The new one does not overwrite the old one for some reason.

          Re stabilization, it is visible only after stitching.

          Re screen responsiveness, it should be decent in the current firmware which is now version 58.

          • I have a MAC, so I have NOTHING. No link to a page that has the software or the link to the firmware upgrade.

            There is only one Qoocam studio for Mac and it does not work. Same result.

            File not created by Qoocam.

            Where is the firmware and where is software that works?

          • Update at the download page:

            “Please email to service@kandaovr.com for QooCam Studio version compatible with QooCam 8K files.”

            They couldn’t post a link to it there???

            I emailed them yesterday, before this addition to the download page, hopefully they will respond with a link to software that works.

          • I got an iPad and installed the iOS app, camera firmware was updated, screen swipes work now to remove a menu.

            The videos I shot all time out at 2 minutes, all but one file from the bonsai garden are missing. Now when I try to play one of the videos, it plays for a second and then the app crashes.

            The camera is great, but I still GOT NOTHING.

            I need software for the MAC OS. Until then I have an unusable camera.

      • Printed in very small letters, also downloadable as PDF, and there are videos to watch as well. Search for Quucam 8K manual. It’s also available inside the phone app.