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Crystal ball craze: turn your 360 photo into an interactive 3D sphere!

How to turn your 360 photo into a 3D sphere
How to turn your 360 photo into a 3D sphere

One of the latest crazes in 360 photos is to turn it into an interactive 3D sphere.  Here is a tutorial by my friend Pepe Vazquez (360Tips&Tricks).

First, here’s an example of an interactive sphere:

Here’s Pepe’s tutorial (updated):

The 3D sphere can be shared on Facebook, which does recognize 3D objects and displays the object interactively, or the new Google Poly, a platform for sharing 3D objects and models.

What do you think of this technique?  Do you think it’s interesting or useful, or will it be a short-lived fad?  Let me know in the comments!

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