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Custom Beat Saber Songs on Oculus Quest

Custom Beat Saber songs on Oculus Quest
Custom Beat Saber songs on Oculus Quest

You can now play custom Beat Saber songs on the Oculus Quest (reviewed here).  Here’s how.

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games at the moment and it’s available for the new Oculus Quest, making it possible to play Beat Saber untethered.  Unfortunately the developers said that there would be no custom songs (probably due to licensing issues).

However, a developer named NyanBlade created a mod to be able to use custom songs for Beat Saber on Quest.  The mod is very easy to install.  Just download the latest version of the Beat Saber Quest Installer here, extract the zip file, and run QuestSongInstaller.exe which will take you through the installation process, step by step.  If you’ve already enabled Developer Mode, just jump to Step 3 of the installation.  Get custom songs here on BeatSaver (note the spelling).

If you prefer a video tutorial, here’s one by Mike from Virtual Reality Oasis: