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CyberLink confirms Gear 360 ActionDirector error with Intel HD Graphics 3000

When I experienced problems stitching photos on the Gear 360 ActionDirector, I contacted CyberLink.  They’ve replied and they confirmed that they are also experiencing errors based on the same platform that I have (a Dell laptop with Intel i5-2450M with integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, running Windows 10). 

Here is their reply (emphases added):

Dear Michael ,
Thank you for writing us back.
Regarding your concern, I would like to inform you that the similar condition can be reproduced at our lab under testing platform.

As the 360 video or photos are captured/produced from the exclusive bundle hardware Samsung Gear 360, we have reported the case to our engineer team and hardware vendor (Samsung) for further technical investigation.

Currently, the root cause is unknown, there is no immediate workaround/fix available temporarily. It may take uncertain time to discover the problem.

If there are any progress of the investigation, we would inform you actively.
Please feel free to contact us back for any further clarification or for any assistance related to CyberLink Products. Use the below mentioned link to get back to us for your further queries: 
Thanks and Regards,
[redacted]CyberLink Technical Support

I also could not convert either photos or videos on my other laptop running Windows 7 (an Asus with an Intel i5-2467M, also with Intel HD Graphics 3000).

The only clear solution I’ve found for this problem is to get a [used] Samsung Galaxy S6, which I use to stitch photos from the Gear 360.  For videos, I still use the ActionDirector (because videos stitched on the smartphone Gear 360 app are limited to 2k resolution).  Another possible solution is to upgrade my computer to a newer processor with newer graphics card, but that would be cost-prohibitive.

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