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DEALS: $100 off GoPro Fusion with FREE gorillapod and 64GB SD card

GoPro Fusion $100 off but there's a better deal
GoPro Fusion $100 off

GoPro Fusion (reviewed here) is available for $100 off, with a free gorillapod and 64GB Micro SD card (you’ll need one more to use the Fusion). Thanks to Mike Jensen (Jensen Films) for sharing this awesome tip!  There’s also a $100 discount on Amazon.  There’s no free gorillapod but you can get the lowest cost protection plan when you buy from Amazon.

GoPro Fusion is one of the most underrated 360 cameras in the market.  It’s heavily criticized by people who don’t really have much experience with it, or who aren’t 360 shooters.   The truth is that it has significantly higher video quality than any other consumer 360 camera — so high that the video quality is almost as good as my $3499 Insta360 Pro (yes, really!).

For photos, after GoPro added a Raw stitching workflow, it’s become the best consumer 360 camera for photos as well.  Master 360 photographers such as Sam Rohn are using the Fusion to create such amazing 360 photos that even other expert 360 photographers have mistaken them for DSLR panoramas.

Is the workflow hard? No.  You do need a desktop with dedicated graphics card (such as the GTX 1050).  As long as you have a graphics card, it is very easy.  Does it take a long time to process?  Nope.  Newbies make the mistake of trying to stitch directly from the SD card.  That’s a mistake when you’re processing a lot of files.  Instead, copy the files to the hard drive, and THEN stitch it.  It will stitch much faster.

Here’s my tragically underappreciated GoPro Fusion review video (please hit the like button 😀 ) and here’s the full review.

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