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DEALS: 20% discount code for almost anything in the Kodak PIXPRO store!

Kodak PIXPRO discount code

Kodak PIXPRO has a special discount for 360 Rumors readers: 20% off anything and everything – but not the Orbit360.  (correction: previously, I wrote that it works for Orbit360 – it doesn’t).

Here are some interesting items from their store!

The discount code is: 360rumors (not case sensitive) and will apply a 20% discount on everything in your shopping cart.  The discount code is reusable until around September / October.  Here are some interesting new items from the Kodak PIXPRO Store:

1. Kodak PIXPRO monopod

Kodak PIXPRO monopod

This is my favorite monopod because it’s tall (around 67 inches) and has a very wide tripod base.  I also like that the top is a simple 1/4-20 tripod connector with no integrated ballhead.  The tripod base is removable.

2.  Dual waterproof housing.

Kodak Dual Camera Waterproof Housing

As I posted yesterday, when used with its waterproof housing, the Kodak SP360 4K Dual Pro has the best underwater image quality among all 360 cameras I’ve tested (20 of them to date) because it’s the only one I’ve found that is able to stitch smoothly underwater.  If you use a triple bracket with the single waterproof housing, it has even smoother stitching (but for a 3-camera setup, you’ll need your own stitching software).

3.  New dual camera bracket.

New dual camera bracket for SP360 4K Dual Pro

If you have an SP360 4K Dual Pro, I highly recommend the new bracket.  It has holes in the bottom so you can access the Micro SD slot and Micro USB port while the cameras remain attached to the bracket.  The thumbscrews also now have handles so you won’t need a coin or screwdriver to remove or attach your cameras.

4.  Aerial mount

aerial kit

The aerial mount enables you to use the SP360 4K Dual Pro with a 3DR Solo drone, with the drone being invisible in the shot.  I have this mount and the 3DR Solo drone but I’m having problems pairing them, and 3DR doesn’t answer phone calls from consumers anymore, so I can’t really recommend getting one.  But if you do have a 3DR Solo drone that works, this is a good accessory for it.


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