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DEALS: 50% off CyberThreat, an open-world VR shooter for the HTC Vive

CyberThreat is a shooter on the HTC Vive.  Whereas most shooters in VR are wave shooters, Cyber Threat is an open-world shooter that allows the player to travel around a city.

Here is a video of CyberThreat by Bumble

There are also different game modes and challenges.

My primary criticism had been that in the open world mode, it uses teleportation for locomotion, but the developer recently added artificial locomotion (using the trackpad).  It’s not perfect because the artificial locomotion is too fast (in my opinion) but at least it provides an alternative to teleportation, and I think the developer is open to suggestions.

For a limited time, it’s 50% off, and at this price, you should not miss it, if you have any interest at all in action games. There’s also a free demo available if you want to try it out first.

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