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Bushman monopod
Bushman monopod

I’ve been testing the Bushman Monopod and will post a full review soon. But in the meantime, they have a 20% discount on it that will end this week so I thought I’d let you guys know before the promo is up.

The Bushman Monopod is a monopod specifically designed for 360 cameras.  Here are some of its features:
– The tip is thin enough so that it is invisible even to slim 360 cameras such as the Insta360 One X, Ricoh Theta V, and Xiaomi Mi Sphere.
– It is quite long, around 60 inches (154 cm) long, so it can be used for shoulder level shots or eye level shots (depending on the height of your camera).
– It is compact, and collapses to 18 inches long.
– Stiff, won’t flex much even when fully extended.
– Lightweight (1.55 lbs.; 0.7 kg).
– There is a removable stand that has a small nadir profile.  It will be easy to patch.
– The last segment can be rotated to reposition the camera in any angle.
– It includes a removable counterweight to increase stability significantly.  You can add counterweights as well.
– There is an optional magnetic base mount that you can use to attach it to cars and other surfaces.  It also acts as a counterweight.

Bushman Monopod with optional Popeye magnetic mount: note that there is barely any flex
Bushman Monopod with optional Popeye magnetic mount: note that there is barely any flex

What I like most about the Bushman is its length (which enables me to get cinematic shots more easily).  I also like how quickly I can deploy it.  The magnetic base mount is also quite useful as you’ll see in my coming review.  As for downsides, I wish it were pocketable. 🙂

The Bushman monopod is currently €84 this week, but will go back to €109 next week.  If you’d like to get the Bushman while there’s a special discount, click here.

Here’s my review, and here’s a video that shows how you can use it for cinematic car videos that look like they were shot by a chase car:

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  • It would be nice if you would organize another pecial discount code for your subscribers when you release your full review. I want to wait for it before placing any orders.

  • When I first saw this monopod setup with the counterweight it got me thinking on how to counterweight any monopod with a small tripod. We went to a local retailer that had fitness items and bought a set of heavy ankle weights. Works like a charm, and cheap to boot. Been using the ankle weight setup for several months now.