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DEALS: You can STILL get GoPro Fusion for $299 here!

GoPro Fusion sale $299
GoPro Fusion sale $299

BestBuy’s $299 sale on Fusion is over (back to $399 at the time of this writing with free battery and external charger), but you can STILL get the Fusion for $299 here!  Get it while supplies last!

This seems to increase the likelihood that the Fusion is on clearance.  Will it be gone for good or is a replacement coming soon?  Let me know what you think!

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  • how can there be a replacement 360 camera a gopro shut down their fusion team ? can their action cam come up with a vr180 camera ?

    • hi Antoine. Nick Woodman says there will be a new gopro, so it is up to you whether to believe him.