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DEALS: How to get Insta360 One X for $349 on Singles Day (China’s Black Friday)

Insta360 One X discount Singles Day Sale (China's Black Friday) 2018
Insta360 One X discount Singles Day Sale (China’s Black Friday) 2018

November 11 is Singles Day (China’s version of Black Friday) and for a limited time, you can get the Insta360 One X (reviewed here) for $349!  Here’s how:

Step 1. Click on this link to get the special price.

Step 2. When you click on the link, notice that there is a coupon below the price:

Step 3. Click on the link to the coupon, which will open a popup box. In the popup box, click on My Coupon to claim it.

Step 4. During the checkout, click the checkbox for “Use Coupon”

Enjoy your camera!

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  • Mic, it says the coupon is applied but it is not working for me. Not sure if it is working for others? The date range looks funny too. It says valid from 11-11-2018 – 14-11-2018 UTC.

    • Disregard. You have to click on the regular “checkout” button. I clicked on the Paypal checkout button and it did not apply it there. So even if you are going to use Paypal you must click on the regular checkout button first then you can select Paypal after that. For that reason they should not even display the “Paypal” checkout button on the shopping cart page.

  • I saw this as well and almost ordered. But after doing a bit of research on Gearbest I’m a bit hesitant to order from them. Some pretty scary stuff happening to people even they pay via PayPal and take insurance.

    • Actually it worked perfectly. The posted mentioned it being for a limited time. What was maybe not clear was how long the limited time was. We it was one day and as the the day in China has ended and so has the special.
      Check Amazon they have it for $361.

    • No coupon shown for me either. Thanks for the heads up Mic, maybe they thought better of the offer or disabled it for certain territories. I’m in South Korea and it certainly doesn’t work here.