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GoPro Fusion $299: new Fusion coming soon?

GoPro Fusion discount $299
GoPro Fusion discount $299
GoPro Fusion discount $299
GoPro Fusion discount $299

You can get a GoPro Fusion (reviewed here) for the incredible price of $299 with an extra battery and dual charger!

Meanwhile, at Amazon, it appears GoPro Fusion is not being sold directly by Amazon, and is currently sold only by resellers.  Is this a clearance sale? Will there be a new Fusion soon?  GoPro Fusion was first announced on April 20, 2017, which is a lifetime ago in the fast-moving 360 industry.  And CEO Nick Woodman himself said they’re working on the next one, although he didn’t say anything about timeframe.

Thanks to Joe Wood for sharing this deal!

5/4/19 7am UPDATE: Best Buy price is back to $399, but you can still get it at $299 here!

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