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DEALS: Insta360 Go 10% off with free hardcase

There’s a special discount on Insta360 Go (reviewed here) right now! For a limited time, you can get the Go at 10% off with a free hardcase.

What is Insta360 Go and why do you need it?

When you use other cameras, you may find that at the end of a trip, you have a ton of videos that you don’t have time to edit. If that sounds like you, the Go could be a great camera for you.

Insta360 Go is the smallest stabilized camera and was designed to record the highlights of your day and create a montage for you automatically. It records 15 or 30-second clips. The app then automatically chooses from the footage and combines them into a montage.

For more info on the Go, check out my review.

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