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DEALS: Oculus Touch Launch Bundle and Ripcoil for free

If you are getting the Oculus Touch, there’s a Touch Launch Bundle with 5 high quality games.  You can also get Ripcoil for free with any purchase.

Here are the games:

Space Pirate Trainer (regularly $14.99).  Defend yourself against waves of flying drones with various guns, a shield, and an energy blade that turns into a whip.
I Expect You to Die (regularly $24.99).  Become a secret agent with telekinetic powers.
Kingspray Graffiti ($14.99).  Spray graffiti in VR.
Superhot VR ($24.99).  Take on dozens of enemies in this first person shooter using the power of time, which will move only when you move.
The Climb ($49.99).  Rock climbing in VR, now with Touch support.

Purchased individually, the games would cost $129.95.  With the Touch Launch Bundle, you can get them all for $89.99 (an aggregate discount of 30%).

I have Space Pirate Trainer on Steam for the HTC Vive* and for me, it is one of the most enjoyable casual games, and it’s one of the games I’ve played the most.  I’ve also tried the Climb and with Oculus Touch, it is fun and immersive (in fact, when I fell the first few times, I felt a little bit of a falling sensation).

*When I get Oculus Touch (hopefully tomorrow), I will confirm whether you can play the Steam version with Oculus Touch.  (I expect you can.)

In addition to the Oculus Touch Launch Bundle, Oculus is also running a promo to get Ripcoil for free with any purchase.  The purchase doesn’t have to be for Oculus Touch, but of course Ripcoil requires an Oculus Touch.