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DEALS: Oculus Winter Sale!!! Huge sale on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift software

The Oculus Winter Sale is now going on with dozens of games on sale for the Oculus Rift + Oculus Touch, and Samsung Gear VR!  BTW, HTC Vive users can also use some of the Rift software via Revive.  Plus, Steam will have its own winter sale starting tomorrow!

First here are the 24-hour sales for Dec. 20 (check daily to see the different deals):
The Climb (Oculus Rift; regularly $49.99, on sale for $24.99): a rock climbing game.  I found it to be a highly immersive game.
Eve Valkyrie (Oculus Rift; regularly $59.99, on sale for $29.99): a space dogfight game.
Dreadhalls (Gear VR; regularly $4.99, on sale for $0.99): a horror survival game where you are trapped in a labyrinth.  Great for its terrifying atmosphere but I got nauseated playing it due to the artificial locomotion.  There’s a demo available – try before you buy.
Annie Amber (Gear VR; regularly $7.99, on sale for $1.99): a sci-fi exploration / puzzle game, where you solve puzzles to discover Annie Amber’s story.

Oculus Rift Winter Sale
Here’s a link to the Winter Sale for the Rift.  Here are just a few of the notable games in the sale.

For Oculus Touch:

  • Superhot VR: take on an army of agents, as you control time to execute perfect attacks and dodges
  • The Climb: a rock climbing game with highly immersive environments
  • Space Pirate Trainer: a wave shooter where you use a variety of guns and an energy shield against waves of flying robots
  • Arizona Sunshine: zombie shooter
  • I Expect You to Die: as a secret agent, you’ll escape death traps using only your wits

For gamepad:

  • Gamepad Greats: five gamepad games for $89.99
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – a party game where one player wears the Rift and defuses the bomb while his friends guide him using an instruction manual that only they can see.
  • Edge of Nowhere: a suspenseful third person sci-fi adventure 
  • Chronos: a third person adventure set in an post-apocalyptic future
  • Damaged Core: one of my favorite VR games.  It’s a first person shooter where you can hack into and take over your enemies.  Review here.
  • Feral Rites: a hack and slash game where your character can transform into a beast.
  • Eve Valkyrie: space dogfight shooter.

Gear VR Winter Sale:
Here’s a link to the Winter Sale for the Gear VR.  Here are some of the notable games in the sale.