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DEALS: Samsung 512GB Micro SD $129 (save $70) UPDATE: compatible with One X

Micro SD card sale: Samsung 512gb $129, 256GB $49, 128GB $21
Micro SD card sale: Samsung 512gb $129, 256GB $49, 128GB $21

Amazon has a special sale on the 512GB Samsung Micro SD card. Regularly $199, you can get it for $129, at the time of this writing.  For a lower cost per GB, get the 128GB for $20.99 (that’s the lowest cost per GB), or 256GB for $49.99. All of the cards support U3 speed.

Please note that many 360 cameras have limits on the maximum size Micro SD card that they can use.  TBH I’m not sure if any of my cameras will be able to use 512GB, although one user has reported being able to use 400GB on the Insta360 One X.  I will post test results as soon as I’m able. . UPDATE: I’ve now tested the 512GB to work on the Insta360 One X.  Check out this 676-minute capacity!

512GB Micro SD compatible with Insta360 One X
512GB Micro SD compatible with Insta360 One X

On a Samsung S10+, the 512GB card is read as 476.8GB

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  • Wondering if you have had any issues with “insufficient write speed” with this card? Insta360 says we need to use a card with the V30 designation.

    • Hi Ron. I haven’t tested the card extensively with One X because i’ve been using it with my phone. if there is enough interest, i will test it on one x.

      Best regards,

      • Mic, I think there would be a lot of interest in your testing this card. It is a lot cheaper than the Sandisk, but may not be good for 360 files. Iv’e seen reference to 2 files being written for 5.7k video and was wondering if the Insta360 writes 2 files for all resolutions. One file for each lens.

        Thanks for your reply,

        • Hi Ron. One X and EVO write 2 files when using 5.7K video (standard or HDR video). In 4K50fps, 4k30fps, or 3k100fps, it uses only one file. I’ll try to use a samsung card for a weekend to see if any issues come up.

          • Thanks Mic. Good to know if a problem crops up with 5.7k and writing error. I had bought a 256GB Samsung card and finally was able to get out today and ride my bike and make a video. I was able to make two videos before the battery died. First one at 30 minutes and the second at 11+ minutes. No errors. It was a bright hazy day, but no full sunshine. Will try again tomorrow if the sun comes out with a full range of EV and see if there are any writing errors.

            Good luck with your card,

    • Ron, thanks for pointing out the V30 recommendation; I was thinking only U3 was needed, which would explain my speed issues with the 128gb card.

      Mic, if possible, it would be great to see how long of a video you can record on the card, both freshly formatted card and after data has been deleted (and card not formatted).

      • V30 and U3 means the same thing (min write speed of 30MB/s)
        So in theory the card should work fine.

        Do anybody know why Insta360 claims the max storage limit is 128GB?
        SDXC cards have a theoretical max of 2TB limit