DEALS: Steam VR weekend sale

There’s a special sale on almost 200 Steam VR apps and games for the HTC Vive and some for Oculus Rift, with discounts up to 80%.  It’s good only until August 1, 2016 10am Pacific Time.

Some of the titles that might be of interest:

  • Space Pirate Trainer: a highly rated shooter for the HTC Vive.  I’ve tried this game and it’s awesome.  15% off at $12.74 (Vive).
  • Vanishing Realms: an adventure RPG designed for room scale VR.  20% off at $15.99 (Vive).
  • Titans of Space 2.0: a sequel to the popular solar system exploration VR experience.  15% off at $6.79 (Vive and Rift).
  • Zombie Training Simulator: a target shooting game that uses funny zombie targets.  33% off at $13.39 (Vive).
  • Ping Pong Waves VR: ping pong in VR.  50% off at $2.49 (Vive).
  • House of the Dying Sun: a space shooter.  10% off at $17.99 (Vive and Rift).
  • Raw Data: sci-fi action shooter. 20% off at $31.99 (Vive)
  • Brookhaven Experiment: zombie shooter.  25% off at $14.99 (Vive).
  • Radial-G: Racing Evolved.  an antigravity racer in VR.  20% off at $19.99 (Vive and Rift).
  • EVE: Gunjack: a turret shooter.  I have this game and it’s one of my favorite shooters for hte Samsung Gear VR.  50% off at $4.99 (Vive and Rift).
  • Omega Agent: a retro-looking jetpack shooter.  50% off at $7.49 (Vive and Rift).
There’s also a 20-game bundle worth $368.80 that is on sale for an extra 15% on top of the sale prices, for a total of $251.42.