Demo of Insta360 Air 360 live streaming to YouTube

Watch a demo of Insta360 Air‘s wireless livestreaming capability and see a live stream sample!

The Insta360 Air is a 360 camera accessory for Android phones.  One of its unique capabilities is wireless 360 live streaming to YouTube or any RTMP streaming service (with more services to be added in the future).  Here’s a video demo of the YouTube live streaming:

Here is the live stream, which was recorded by YouTube:

To me, the live stream quality is much better than I expected, although I hope the lag between the image and the sound is fixed.  Also, please note again that this was with a home Wi-Fi network.  I haven’t been able to record a live stream using a cell signal only but I will definitely do that.   UPDATE!  Here is the comparison.

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  • Hi,

    That's look good for his price but the lag between son and image is huge.
    There's a possibility to improve the level horizon on the stitching line? What's happen if something or someone is closer on this line?

    Still waiting for mine in Brussels.

  • Hi Tamia Reality! Yes it's true there's a huge lag. In the early version of the app, there was also a lag in the video (not livestreaming) but they fixed it. Hopefully, they can fix the lag in the livestream as well. I think it is hard to improve the stitch line. Because it is livestreamed, it can only use template-based stitching, so it will always be a compromise of some sort. If they fix it for one issue, it will make it worse for another issue.

    Best regards,