DJI Mavic 3 sample 360 photo posted (aerial panorama)

Mavic 3 sample 360 photo
Mavic 3 sample 360 photo

A DJI Mavic 3 aerial 360 photo was posted by Aveos, a professional drone operator based in Poland.

DJI Mavic 3 (reviewed here) is the new flagship consumer drone from the leading drone manufacturer DJI.  It is the first consumer drone to have a Micro Four Thirds size sensor.  With the larger sensor, photos have a higher dynamic range, bit depth, and signal-to-noise ratio.

Many people use drones for videos but they are also used for photography, including aerial panoramas.  Most DJI drones support a 360 photo mode.  However, the Mavic 3’s current firmware doesn’t have a 360 photo mode yet, which DJI has promised in a firmware update in January 2022.

That hasn’t stopped Aveos, a Polish professional drone operator, from taking a 360 photo manually.  Here’s a link to the photo.

The result seems to show very good dynamic range, particularly with highlights.  The detail is quite good, although it is hard to tell how much it exceeds the detail of a 360 photo from the Air 2S.   Please note that the photo was uploaded to Google Photos, which may reduce the image quality.  I also don’t know if Aveos shot in JPG or Raw.

I have the Mavic 3, which arrived just yesterday, and will be posting a review (UPDATE: review here with full resolution samples).

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    • Hi Michael. For your shots, did you use Raw or JPG? If you used raw, did you apply vignetting correction (e.g. lightroom, etc.) before stitching?
      Best regards,

      • Hello, Mic! As said in my post, one jpeg output of the equi is by loading raws to ptgui, so no processing at all. And the vignetting is huge. The second jpeg (and the interactive pano) are processed in lightroom. But without adjusting vignetting, I don’t really ever do that. Only boost shadows and reduce highlights, add some contrast and a bit of vibrance, that is enough.
        Did you check the jpegs in my post?

  • Hi

    I’m doing mostly 360s with my Mavic 2 Pro.

    So far I’m pleased with results, it still works flawlessly and I have all extras for drone which I need.
    I still wonder if M3 would produce better quality compared to M2P
    Im curious to know these details:

    because M3 has bigger FoV, how much approx images it needs to cover sphere?
    M2P needs 26 images for inbuilt 360 mode.
    How much it can tilt camera upwards?
    M2P uses -15 degrees up for 360s which leaves quite big zenith.
    Is it prone to noise on Iso 400?
    Needed for blue hour and near dark panoramas.
    M2P produces quite a noise on iso 400 and after few minutes after heating kicks in sensor starts to throw hot pixels all over the photo.
    How much better is photo color compared to M2P?


    • I did 25, manually with a quite unknown drone I didn’t stay to calculate how many shots I need and then risk to miss something, so I did what I always did with M2P, Air2 and Air2s: turn it in approx 45’ steps on 3 rows plus nadir.

  • I am curious of how much of the improvement the camera tilt up so it can cover more of the dome VS the Mavic 2 Pro. Thanks.

    • Hi Philip. The camera can tilt up about 35 degrees. The spherical coverage is around 270 degrees (there is a zenith hole around 90 degrees wide).