DJI Mavic 3 sample video leaked; may have 360 degree obstacle avoidance

DJI Mavic 3 leak shows 360-degree obstacle avoidance
DJI Mavic 3 leak shows 360-degree obstacle avoidance

A DJI Mavic 3 review was inadvertently posted publicly to YouTube, showing its key features including what appears to be 360-degree obstacle avoidance.

The DJI Mavic 3 is an upcoming prosumer drone due to be released on November 5.  There have already been many leaks about it that show what it looks like and that it is said to have a Micro Four Thirds sensor — the first Mavic drone to have such a sensor.  However, a YouTuber inadvertently posted a review and before it was taken down, other people downloaded it and re-posted it (UPDATE: the videos have since been taken down).

Many of the features shown in the video have already been shown in previous leaks: there are two cameras one of which is a telephoto and the other is a wide angle Micro Four Thirds camera co-developed with Hasselblad.  Because this is a re-upload, the image quality shown in the video is no longer representative of the actual video quality but it does show 4X optical zoom, and up to 28x digital zoom.

Mavic 3 front view with front sensors
Mavic 3 front view with dual camera and front sensors

The video also seems to show that the Mavic 3 has 360-degree obstacle avoidance.  It has eight camera sensors: 2 in front, 2 in the rear, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom, in addition to two TOF sensors, and 2 bottom LED lights.

Mavic 3 rear and top sensors
Mavic 3 rear and top sensors

The front, rear, and possibly the bottom sensors appear to be fisheye sensors with an extra wide field of view.  Combined with the top sensors, this seems to show that the Mavic 3 has a complete, 360-degree horizontal and vertical view (180 vertical for you panoramic shooters…).

Mavic 3 bottom sensors
Mavic 3 bottom sensors

Besides the fact that it will have excellent obstacle avoidance, in theory the Mavic 3 may have a fully spherical 360 degree view and a processor that may be able to stitch and process the view in real time, similar to the Skydio 2 autonomous drone.  This in turn leads me to wonder if this means that DJI is planning to produce a 360 camera in the future (wishful thinking, I know).

Mavic 3 will be announced on November 5, and is expected to have 3 price levels:

  • standard at around $2300
  • Fly More Combo with one or more extra batteries, external charger and other accessories at around $2800.
  • Cine with 1TB SSD and a new DJI RC Pro controller, for possibly as much as $5200.

I plan to get the Mavic 3 (probably the standard or Fly More Combo) and will post a review when I get it.

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