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DJI Mini 2 sample 360 photo is 178 megapixels

DJI Mini 2 Sample 360 photo

What is the resolution of DJI Mini 2’s aerial 360 photos?  Is it good enough for professional use?  The good news is that despite the Mini 2’s relatively low price, its aerial 360 photos (spherical panoramas) are actually quite detailed.

DJI Mini 2 takes aerial 360 photos
DJI Mini 2 takes aerial 360 photos

The DJI Mini 2 ($449 or $599 for Fly More Combo) is one of the most affordable drones to feature an automatic aerial 360 photo capture.  When activated, it will  rotate in the air while taking a series of photos at different angles.   The photos can be stitched automatically on DJI Fly app, but the resolution will be limited to 4096 x 2048 (8 megapixels).

Fortunately, Mini 2 will also store the original unstitched photos, which you can stitch on 3rd party software such as PTGui to get the full resolution.  Drone photographer Air-View 360 took an aerial 360 photo with the DJI Mini 2 and found the resolution was as high as 18,858 x 9,429, or 177.8 megapixels when stitched in PTGui.  Check out his full resolution sample 360 photo here.

The photo looks much more detailed and seems to have better dynamic range than 360 photos from my aging Mavic Air.  It shows that the Mini 2 is surprisingly capable for aerial 360 photos.

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