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Double 2 self-balancing 360 Camera Dolly is one of the most affordable dollies for 360 cameras

Double 2 Self-Balancing 360 Camera Dolly
Double 2 Self-Balancing 360 Camera Dolly

Double 2, two-wheeled self-balancing 360 Camera Dolly is now available.

An increasing number of 360 videos are using movement.  Among other things, slow forward movement can be used as a subtle way of directing the viewer’s attention, as demonstrated for example in Felix and Paul’s documentary, “The People’s House.”

The challenge for 360 filmmakers is that a 360 camera sees everything around it, therefore it is not ideal to use traditional methods for moving a camera such as a camera operator carrying a camera or using a camera track dolly.

There are dollies available for 360 cameras that perform very well but they tend to have substantial cost. See here (Vroomcam) and here (RigRover).

Double 2 is a two-wheeled self-balancing 360 camera dolly by Double Robotics.  It is a modified version of the Double 2 robot which was designed for telepresence.

The modified version of the Double 2 is designed specifically for use as a 360 Camera Dolly.  Instead of an iPad and camera, it includes a camera mount with 1/4-20 adapter and a holder for an iPhone or iPod Touch.  When used with an older iPhone (iPhone 6 or older) or iPod Touch, the Double 2 can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi, LTE or Bluetooth.  The 360 Camera Dolly can carry a camera or rig up to 5 lbs at the top of the monopod,  You can also add a few pounds at the base of the monopod.

The Double 2 is self-balancing and because it only has two wheels, it has a very narrow nadir and can remain vertical as it goes up and down inclines.  Its aluminum monopod has a shock absorber to dampen lateral movements.

Here are a couple of sample videos from the Double 2:

There’s another new video here (it’s unlisted so I wasn’t sure if they were OK with me posting it here).

The 360 Camera Dolly is $3,000.  The price includes a hardcase.  If you already have the Double 2 Telepresence, you can just buy the Camera Kit for $249.

If this is out of your budget, don’t worry.  I will post about lower cost DIY alternatives.

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  • “If this is out of your budget, don’t worry. I will post about lower cost DIY alternatives.”

    PLEASE Ty, do so 🙂
    Cheers and keep the great news coming

    • yeah i’ll double the pressure on that one too ‘lower cost DIY alternatives’

      Ty, we are waiting haha..

      ps: that single wheeler i posted above can’t be shipped about ( planes ) as the batteries are not removable.. so that totally killed it for me. and the remote only allows it to go forward and backwards ( being a single wheel ) it cannot turn on its own and follow a path around the place..
      still i could of made that work for me for tour guides ( start – move forward a bit stop manually turn – run hide again start lol )