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Dual Camera Drone Mount for Kodak SP360 now available

​The Dual Drone Mount for the Kodak SP360 4k is now available direct from Kodak Pixpro for $169.99, which includes the bracket and a remote control to trigger both cameras simultaneously.

​The Dual Drone Mount is a unique bracket for the Kodak SP360 4k (first impressions here) that allows you to mount SP360 4k cameras above and below a 3DR Solo quadcopter, allowing the drone to be completely invisible in the shot, without any need for additional postprocessing.  Check out a sample video here.

If you don’t have the SP360 4k, you can instead get the Aerial Pack which includes a Dual Pro Pack (with two SP360 4k cameras, plus accessories) and the Dual Drone Mount, for $999.99.