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Dual Fisheye Viewer is an inexpensive 360 video stitcher for the Mac

Dual Fisheye Viewer is an inexpensive 360 video stitcher for Mac
Dual Fisheye Viewer is an inexpensive 360 video stitcher for Mac

Dual Fisheye Viewer is an inexpensive software for the Mac that can stitch videos from the Samsung Gear 360 and possibly other unstitched dual fisheye 360 videos as well from other 360 cameras.

Hi everyone. Just so you know, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve been busy this weekend working on a video about the Ricoh Theta V (I got the Theta V on Friday), which I will post soon!

Anyway, here’s a Mac software that can stitch 360 videos from the Samsung Gear 360, and other dual fisheye unstitched 360 videos, a fairly common unstitched format. The current version of the software appears to use template based stitching, with a slider to adjust the field of view of the lens. ย Dual Fisheye Viewer is available here. Here is the support page.

The software might work for the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere, which has a PC stitcher, but not a Mac stitcher. But I don’t have a Mac to test. If you’ve tried this software, let me know in the comments!

Thanks to Hanzz Art for sharing this information!

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  • It works and is friendlier than hugin but you still need to fix the seam line in PS, Affinity or Pixelmator.
    There are only 2 sliders to work with but unfortunately there are no numbers so you can’t save a template or do any batch editing. It IS fast though!

  • Ooops! Spoke to soon! Works on images crashes every time with video. Still not bad if you work mostly with images though! $9.99!

  • +Mic Ty I downloaded and tested the software immediately on my MacBook Pro! A very good and simple tool to stitch spherical videos – and you can choose the render quality (highest is 60Mbs, 3840×2160) and it works very well!
    Not as good as the Xiaomi PC stitcher but sooo much better than Muvee. What is so nice is that you immediately see what you’re doing. I did the test with a very difficult Xiaomi video where the cam was placed on a restaurant table with glasses and winebottle and umbrellas over the table + 5 persons around.
    It stitched this scene almost without any fails.
    Now I’m looking forward to stitch the sphere videos from the LG360CAM as good as possible as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    I strongly recommend this small, cheap but impressive software!!!
    Thanks to Mic and Hanz Aart for the tip!!

    • I have to add that you can’t level the videos if you shoot with the cam at any other angle but upright.
      The software don’t read the gyro information from the cam and can’t keep the horizon in level.
      But if you’ve shoot the video with e.g. monopod or tripod in a normal position it will work fine.

      • I was too fast….the first video I stitched looked great – but after a few other tests I can see that the stitchlines are white/light and very visible in the video. So I have to take the rekommendation back until that issue is fixed. But fun to play around with ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • The developer Golovnev says this about the app:

          “Seamless stitching with parallax correction coming later. For now you may want to try to adjust interpreted field of view of the image halves by using the “fov” slider.”
          So let’s hope this will be added asap ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Ulf! thank you very much for the detailed feedback. This is very helpful to the community. Thanks again!

      Best regards,