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E3 2019: Xbox Project Scarlett is a missed opportunity for VR

Xbox Project Scarlett (E3 2019)
Xbox Project Scarlett (E3 2019)

Microsoft announced Project Scarlett, but there was a conspicuous absence of any mention of VR.

Microsoft has announced the specs for Project Scarlett, the successor to Xbox One.   Project Scarlett will support 8K gaming, framerates of up to 120fps, and ray-tracing. Project Scarlett will also use an SSD to minimize load times.  However, whereas Sony has emphasized that VR will be a key feature of PS5, Microsoft hasn’t said anything about VR for Project Scarlett (which makes me wonder what the 8K capability is going to be used for).  Here’s the trailer for Project Scarlett:

Here’s the Xbox briefing for E3 2019:

Microsoft also announced the beta for Xbox Game Pass for PC for just $5 / month ($10 /mo when it is out of beta).  So far I don’t see any VR titles in the library for Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Microsoft’s omission of any mention of VR is very surprising given that Microsoft already has Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets that can run on lower spec hardware than Project Scarlett.  The tragic part of it is that Project Scarlett could have bolstered the Windows Mixed Reality platform, and Game Pass could have been a unique selling point for WMR if it included VR games.  Sure, Viveport does provide a Netflix-like service for VR games, but Game Pass includes games that have better recognition and they could have enticed more people to get into VR through WMR.  But I guess the people in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios evidently do not see the potential for VR.  On the positive side, this creates a bigger opportunity for Oculus, Sony, HTC and Valve to grab a bigger market share.

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    • Yes I completely agree. Almost no one has 8k monitors… there are certainly more people with VR headsets and even VR PCs than people with 8K monitors.

  • Microsoft, you damn losers! I hate you so much for what you are doing to VR and WMR! All these management losers there should be fired immediately!!!

    • Don’t worry Pat! I think when Sony and Oculus are crushing it in VR, Microsoft will make a belated reentry into VR by adding WMR support for Scarlett.