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How to edit and stitch Theta Z1 Raw DNG photos on your phone

Edit the Z1 Raw DNG photos in Lightroom Mobile or other apps
Edit the Z1 Raw DNG photos in Lightroom Mobile or other apps

You can now edit and stitch Raw DNG photos from the Theta Z1 on your phone, with optical flow stitching.

Theta Z1 (reviewed here) is arguably the best overall 360 camera for 360 photos.  One of its most useful features is its ability to shoot high quality Raw DNG photos in unstitched format, which can then later be stitched after editing using Ricoh Stitcher.  Stitching the photos after editing them allows greater flexibility in editing the photos, and generally results in better stitching quality.

Ricoh Stitcher only works with Lightroom, but there is now a way to edit and stitch the Raw DNG photos on your phone.  All you need is a pair of apps called Theta Z1 DNG Transfer and Theta Z1 Stitcher, both by Yoichi Hirota, developer of the Mi Sphere Converter and other apps.  You can see the smooth stitching in this sample photo, which was shot in Raw DNG, then edited and stitched with this mobile workflow.  Here is a tutorial for using the apps and calibrating the Stitcher.


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