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Facebook introduces two new cameras with volumetric VR capture capability!

Facebook X24 and X6 cameras with volumetric VR capture
Facebook X24 and X6 cameras with volumetric VR capture

Facebook introduced two new depth-sensing cameras with volumetric capture capability, offering viewers 6 degrees of freedom!

The cameras are called the X24 and the X6, with 24 and 6 lenses each respectively.   They use thermal imaging cameras to provide depth information, in 360 degrees.  The cameras therefore have volumetric capture capability, in other words enabling the viewers not just to look around but to move around within the video!

Volumetric capture has been done before by 360 cameras with LiDAR for depth sensing but this is the first time I’ve heard of using thermal imaging in a 360 camera to provide depth sensing information.

Here’s the video demo posted by Facebook’s Head of Immersive Media, Eric Cheng:

Unlike last year’s Surround 3D 360 camera rig, these cameras will not be open sourced.  Instead, Facebook will license the design to camera manufacturers to enable them to build the cameras.   No word on pricing but I’m supposing it will cost a fortune.

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Thank you very much to Tony Anastasi and Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!