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FAKE CHECK: Brazen Fake Theta X vs. One X2 comparisons being posted on YouTube

Fake reviews and comparisons on YouTube
Fake reviews and comparisons on YouTube

At least two YouTube channels have posted totally fake comparisons of the new Ricoh Theta X (reviewed here) and Insta360 One X2 (reviewed here).

With the release of the new Ricoh Theta X, there have been people asking how it compares to the Insta360 One X2, one of the most popular 360 cameras.  At least two YouTube channels (so far) are trying to capitalize on this by posting completely fake side-by-side comparisons of the Theta X and One X2.   Naturally, they both feature models with short shorts on the thumbnail.

Fake reviews and comparisons on YouTube
Fake reviews and comparisons on YouTube

How do I know the comparisons are fake?  I’ll let these truly facepalm-worthy samples speak for themselves for your amusement:

a fake comparison of Theta X and One X2
a fake comparison of Theta X and One X2
a fake comparison of Theta X and One X2
a fake comparison of Theta X and One X2
a fake comparison of Theta X and One X2
a fake comparison of Theta X and One X2

360 photographers would immediately recognize the images as fake because of — among other things — the totally impossible bokeh (the blurry blackground) but the Theta X market includes people who are completely new to 360 and don’t know what real 360 photos look like (and neither do these assholes), so people are being fooled, as evidenced by these videos appearing in searches.

Not only is this spreading misinformation, but it is also incredibly annoying to me because I put in a lot of effort in each of my videos and these bastards are just stealing views from honest YouTubers.  Meanwhile, some people think the end justifies the means and it’s totally ok to lie or mislead if you can profit from it.

Stay tuned for my brutally honest comparison of the Theta X with the One X2.  Meanwhile, if you want to see actual full resolution Theta X sample photos, check out my review.

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  • Thanks for the heads up. Myself rely only on few people anyway, when it comes to 360s, so no worries. Take it easy & stay safe!

    • Its terrible. Some people will lie about products, print guesses as if they were facts, lead people on about forthcoming releases and sensationalise things just for clicks.

  • It’s really stupid, but I had to laugh at the one that is supposed to be a Theta X vs. Theta m15 video! Remember the video quality from that?? There must have been some upgrades I missed for my m15.

  • Bad news Mic, but we are your followers who appreciate your in depth reviews and knowledge, and you need to get this out there in the media so the “Muggles” can be made aware and directed to thee instead.
    Even well-respected Photographic publications can get it wrong with 360 recommendations that we have learnt from you are inferior or unsuitable for a particular 360 genre.
    Looking forward to a lot more 360 Rumours in 2022 and although Ricoh didn’t come to the party on the 18th, your Theta X review was great to read, thanks.
    PS Hoping for more info in 2022 on Labpano and hopefully a real Theta Z1 upgrade, as you personally are trusted to have the ear of Mr Ricoh.

    • Thanks Konrad. I chuckled at how you said Muggles because it is a perfect metaphor. Now we need to share the magic of 360/3pv.
      Don’t worry I’ll keep you updated. 😀

    • I noticed the same thing when I saw it. It was very obvious these were not comparison shots. What moron is behind this crap?

  • Sadly this silly people have this Hobby to miss lead us on YouTube
    it as well are possible to Report the Videos as Spam and miss leading information
    there are sadly a lot off them
    i have now several 360 cameras an now mostly use my Insta ONEX
    Richoh have now woke up and had a good upgrade with Removable battery and SD card and less purple fringing
    i wonder if the red spot sun flare are still there in bright sunny days
    Thank you for the information.

  • Well done Mic , Keep Kicking ass, if you email me the sites I will stick up in their YT comments something nice to say about them without mentioning you.

    I suggest the other people who follow Mic and his excellent camera, gear reviews that he does for us also put comments on these fake reviews and have them removed, it only takes a few people who complain to Youtube to take down a video nowadays.

    YT are so shit scared of offending anyone they would rather ban a video than to put up with bad press.

  • Crazy People,
    Sir, can we expect any newer Insta360 X camera/ succeding Insta 360 one x 2 ? as its been 2 years since the last camera update. Highly confused on whether to buy the one X 2 or wait for the succeding model. ( Retails at 30% higher cost than Actual Rate after Taxes in my City :/ )

  • I am shocked, but in nowadays days it is not Russian))) because now we have not for bloggers profits from subscribers and views 😀 it is joke of course but I really shocked people trying to make real test and in world of 360 I think here all like family it is quite cosy people) I think for this must be made not post but video to people to increase people informed