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The fastest way to get Insta360 Pro (as of August 2017)

Insta360 Pro
Insta360 Pro

The Insta360 Pro (reviewed here), shoots 8K 2D 360 or 6K 3D 360 video, plus 4K live streaming and a slew of other features.  It is one of the most highly sought professional 360 cameras on the market — so much so that it is now backordered until October (the waitlist has been consistently one to two months long).  Many readers have asked how they can get the Insta360 Pro sooner for a project.

So far, Amazon claims that Insta360 Pro will be in stock on September 15.  Amazon will charge $175 for shipping and taxes, but to be fair, if you ordered through Insta360 directly, they would also charge for shipping and taxes.    I don’t know if the Amazon listing’s availability date is accurate but you could order it through Amazon and also place an order with Insta360 in case the Amazon purchase falls through.  If Amazon does deliver on September 15, you could then cancel your other order (or perhaps keep it for resale).

In any case, if you do want to use the Insta360 Pro for a project, it would be best to plan well ahead.

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  • Insta360 Pro is likely to be available by September 15. In their taobao flagship store, pre-orders are accepted only until September 10 and to be released on 15th. As of today, the remaining inventory is only 100! Better order now for those who want to get their hands on this product.