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Feiyu 3-axis gimbal for $89 and other deals and discounts on 11/11 China’s Black Friday

Chinese version of Black Friday

11/11 is China’s equivalent of Black Friday. Check out the $89 Feiyu 3-axis gimbal and other deals on Gearbest!

11/11 is a special day in China, where it is celebrated as a day for singles (somewhat like the opposite of Valentines Day).  It has also evolved into a day for shopping deals and is sometimes touted as China’s version of Black Friday. Here are some great deals:

Feiyu SPG C 3-axis gimbal $88.99
Use the code GBFYHG118 to get it at the insane price of just $89  (on Amazon, it’s $129)!  This is the most affordable 3-axis gimbal I’ve seen for smartphones. Despite the incredibly low price, this is actually a very good quality gimbal. If you’re looking for a gimbal for a smartphone, this is the best deal I’ve seen.

Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-axis gimbal: $99.11
Not as low cost as the Feiyu but also a very good deal for a 3-axis gimbal for smartphones. This affordable gimbal has gotten great reviews.

Samsung EVO Plus U3 64GB Micro SD: $21.79
When shooting 360 videos, you need to use high speed Micro SD cards to avoid overheating or even dropped frames. This is a great deal for the Samsung EVO Plus, a trusted high speed (UHS-1 U3) Micro SD card.

Selfie stick for Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere: $10.78
Use the code GBXMMJSH117 to get it at this price.   This is the dedicated selfie stick for the Mi Sphere. It’s invisible and it can control the Mi Sphere without batteries.  This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for it!

Xiaomi Mijia 4K action camera $89.11
Why spend $400 on a GoPro Hero 5 Black when you can get a 4K action camera from Xiaomi Mijia, makers of the Mi Sphere for under $100?  Unlike some action cameras that pretend to be 4K but are just interpolated, this is truly 4K.  Use GBXMMJ4K118 to get the special price!

Waterproof case for Xiaomi 4K action camera $5.25
This case works up to a depth of 45 meters.  At this price, this accessory is a no brainer if you have the Xiaomi 4K action camera.  Use the code GBXMMJWP118 to get it at this price!

Octopus tripod (compare to Gorillapod): $0.11
Use the code GBTRI117 to get this Gorillapod-like flexible tripod for just $0.11!

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BTW, if you ordered the Insta360 ONE recently, FYI you were fortunate because Insta360 has required Gearbest to stop all discounts on the ONE.  Anyway, they’re now finally in stock at Gearbest so you should be receiving it soon.  If you want me to email you the latest deals, sign up here.