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Monitor your aquarium with 360 live stream with Felix Smart 360 (see the sample video)

Monitor your aquarium in 360 with Felix Smart
Monitor your aquarium in 360 with Felix Smart

Sometimes you want to know your pet fish are ok even while you’re away. Felix Smart is an aquarium monitoring system that can control multiple devices and live stream a view of your aquarium to you. It also has a submersible 360 camera called Felix 360 for 360 live streaming.

Here is a sample video:

The video looks quite clear, although it has a small blind spot at the stitch line, which suggests that the case does not adequately account for underwater refraction.

I’m not sure how the camera is connected to the Felix Smart system. It’s possible that there’s a cable within the stitch line, or it might be wireless (in which case the streaming quality is impressive).  If it is wireless, I’m curious if their system can be adapted for wireless underwater live streaming.

According to their Facebook page, the Felix 360 is standard with every Felix Smart system. Felix Smart is available for preorder on October 30, 2018. Here’s their official page. The cost is not yet known, and I also don’t know if there is a subscription required for live streaming.

Thanks to Nigel Davenport for bringing this to my attention!

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