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The first GoPro MAX hands-on reviews posted (updated October 24, 2019)

GoPro MAX hands-on review by The Verge
GoPro MAX hands-on review by The Verge

Here are hands-on reviews of the GoPro MAX (previewed here), while I’m still waiting for my unit (I already got the shipping notification so I should be able to post a review this weekend).  I’ll update this page as more reviews are posted.  The first is by The Verge (correction: the Insta360 One X does NOT stitch videos in-camera):

Some comments:
– The Insta360 One X does NOT stitch videos in-camera.
– The MAX is blurry and cannot stitch well underwater because of refraction. To negate refraction, you need a spherical lens cover. The MAX includes a pair of spherical lens covers, but Verge didn’t test it.  My test will cover that (pun not intended 😉 ).
– The MAX desktop app exports in H.264, ProRes and HEVC (H.265). There is no such thing as “HUVC”.
– It is not possible for Hero mode to be 4K. Each MAX sensor is 4K and you’re only seeing a crop of it, therefore it cannot be 4K.

Here is another hands-on review by FunForLuis:

The third video is by DC Rainmaker:

Some comments:  I strongly disagree with DC Rainmaker’s conclusion that Hero8 is better for most people than MAX.  MAX’s 3rd person view and ability to shoot without aiming are more useful to consumers than the difference in image quality between 1080p and 4K.

The following video is not a review per se, but a demonstration of stabilization by GoPro’s Senior Creative Director Abe Kislevitz:

Here is a stabilization comparison between Hero8 and MAX, by Abe Kislevitz.

Here is a comparison between Insta360 One X and GoPro MAX video quality by Jeremy See:

What do you think so far?  Does it look better than Insta360 One X or GoPro Fusion?

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  • the comparison with one x is looking bad it seems to have stitching issue + worse DR, how can they sell it at a higher price than one x that even have a better/smaller form factor ? looks like a flop