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“First Lok” at Staro 136-megapixel 360 camera

The Staro is a 136-megapixel (preview here; samples here).  Lok Cheung, who used to work together with Kai Wong for DigitalRev and is now at Photogear News, checked out the Staro.  Here’s the video:

The Staro looks very interesting but I still have no idea where to purchase it (I’ve emailed them several times with no response).

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  • Has anyone meanwhile had any luck in reaching the Staro / Panothink people in Beijing? They do not respond to my emails either and the phone number on their website appear to be okay but nobody answers the phone.
    If you wait long enough you get a voice mail message in Chinese. Unfortunately I do not spread any Mandarin…
    Meanwhile it’s March already and the Staro360 camera was said to come out in April.