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“First Lok” at the Yi 360 VR and Yi Halo

PhotoGearNews’ Lok Cheung takes a look at the Yi 360 VR and the Yi Halo.

Lok Cheung is well known to photographers as the former colleague of Kai Wong at DigitalRev (before they both left).  At DigitalRev, Lok was the one who was most interested in 360 cameras.  Anyway, he’s now at PhotoGearNews.

In this video from NAB Show 2017, Lok covers the Yi 360 VR with 5.7K and the Yi Halo 2nd-generation 8K 3D 360 Google Jump rig:

In case you missed it, I also have a video from NAB about the Yi 360 VR.

Too bad I didn’t run into Lok when I was at NAB.  Kai posted a comment on my old blog one time. It would have been nice to say hello.  Perhaps next time!

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