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Fishball is a low-cost 360 lens for your iPhone

Fishball is a 360 lens for your iPhone, enabling it to capture 360 photos and videos.  Check it out and you can still back it before the crowdfunding campaign ends in the next few days (note: it has already met its campaign goal).

Fishball is a 360 lens for iPhone 7 and above. Rather than using electronics, it is a passive lens adapter that uses optics to capture a 360 view onto the iPhone’s lens.

Here is a video of the concept:

There have been a few similar projects in the past, but what makes Fishball unique is that the lenses are back-to-back, as opposed to other designs that use a lens adapter for the iPhone’s front lens and another one for the rear lens. In these other designs, since the iPhone front lens and rear lens are offset from each other, the resulting 360 photo is split.

In contrast, Fishball projects both front and rear views onto the rear lens. This results in lower total resolution but potentially smoother stitching (because the lenses are back to back and share the same rear nodal point). Another benefit of this design is that it is able to record 360 videos easily whereas with the separate lens adapters, many of them can record 360 photos but not videos.

Here is a sample 360 video shot with Fishball:

Here is a video showing how the app is used:

You can back the project here, which is planned to ship on July 2018. Please note that crowdfunding is not the same as preordering. There are often delays and sometimes the project can fail completely and backers get nothing, with little to no remedy.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a low-cost 360 camera, also check out the 2016 Gear 360, which is now under $70 (reviewed here).

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